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We offer a wide range of products. Below is a description of each in general terms - we strive to tailor each project to our customers, so they get the best output possible!

Preliminary Reports

//  At Introitum we believe that there is always a possibility to penetrate a market, and in order to succeed in-depth and well documented preparation is an important factor. We make the initial research as preparation for an entrance to the Danish market, specialised to your needs. We are able to make both primary and secondary research for […]

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Local Representation

// We believe that the best way to make customers happy is to be present where they are! Introitum can be your local representation in Denmark where we can nurture and build relationships important for your growth. Other than happy customers, what you get out of local representation is a possibility to communicate with customers […]

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Hierachical Entrance

// If your company has the ambition to open up a subdivision in Denmark, Introitum can offer you a tailor-made solution where we will not only make the strategy and plan the entrance, but execute it as well.   We take care of the registering of your future subdivision in Denmark and start up the company, […]

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About us

We believe every company is able to compete on an international basis, with the right strategy! Our vision is to give our customers a solution to their ambition of being a international company. We offer companies a different approach to entering new markets, because we believe just consulting at distance is not enough for any company to truly succeed. We believe in order to make a beautiful garden, you need to get your hands dirty. We set up your future subdivision and when set goals is achieved, you take full control of the subdivision which we have started and you can continue the journey towards a global company. We use a model, where you have minimum risk but get maximum output in the new markets, where we develop the organization, conduct the market research and promote the products, so you dont have do it and meanwhile can focus on core competencies. We know the climate in the Scandinavian markets, what solutions is best and we can tailor your entrance for it fit exactly to your company, and not only do we make the plan - we execute it as well so any details doesn't get lost in communication.

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